Star Wars Encourages Witchcraft and Atheism

1. The Force (Witchcraft):

In the Star Wars movies the Jedis have what they call “the force”. This allows them to control objects around them and tellimunicate. The main antagonist Luke even talks to his master Obie-One-Kanobi who is dead.

Witchcraft is condemned by God and all those who practice witchcraft are sent to hell so Jedis are evil.

All the children that say they want to be Jedis might as well just say that they want to burn in hell.

2. Promotes Incest:

Luke and Leiah may be having premarital intercourse and they even kiss.

Then the audience finds out that Luke and Leiah were actually brother and sister.

Many confused people felt that incest was okay and that to be a Jedi they must also kiss they’re sister. This is bad because Incest will cause birth defects such as extra arms and legs and heads.

3. Atheistic Science and RFID Illuminati Chipping:

Luke has his arm chopped off by Darth Vader and has it replaced by a robot arm.

Many obsessed Star Wars fans also cut off their own arms to be just like Luke.
Hospitals were probably packed full of severely wounded Star Wars fans after the Empire Striking Back movie was released.

Star Wars Fans also think that RFID chipping is wonderfull because they can now be part robot like Luke. RFID chips are the Mark of the Beast prophesied in the Bible so Star Wars fans are satanic.

Star Wars fans need to repent for their sins or they will burn in hell.

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  • LOL


    Goddamnit Religion


  • your %%%%%% kidding me right




  • me


    uuuum you guys are evil spreading misunderstanding and and hatred of something ou have no idea about. witchcraft is about loving and respecting earth and all its ppl. Christianity didn’t come with jesus or yeheshua which is his real name which you probably don’t know. Christianity started with Constantine who was having issues with his population who all bereaved in dif. religions so being the politician he was combined these religions into Christianity this is why every Christian holiday is aactually based in pagan traditions their is no theory only opinion on tis sight and opinion is not truth stop lying to ppl


  • glen


    this guy is a fucking idiot first of all there are sooo many spelling errors, It’s Obi-wan Kenobi dumbass and second what sstar wars fan watched star wars and said “hmm you know what? i wanna fuck my sister!” wow typing this with only one hand was harder than i thought.


  • Colton


    Star Wars was actually inspired by George Lucas Christian faith


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