Atheists Are Worse Than Satanists

1. Satanists Beleive In God:

To beleive in Satan one must also beleive in God.

This means that even though Satanists worship Lucifer they still acknowledge the existence of God while atheists do not.

The worst sin ever is not beleiving in God so Atheists are pure evil.

2. Atheists Are Homosexuals While Satanists Are Not:

Even the leader of the church of Satan himself (Anton Levy) still had a wife.

Due to Atheists love of Science and Witchcraft they are attracted to members of the same species and become Gays and lesbians.

The Bible says that homosexuality is the worst sin ever and that atheists will suffer in hell worse then murderers.

3. Atheists offer more ritual sacrifices than Satanists:

Satanists rarely offer human sacrifices but Atheists do it all the time.

They murder millions all in the name of there lord “Science” including:
monkeys, animals, mice, humans, and african americans.

Satanists are evil but they would never send monkeys into space while
Atheists sacrifice thousands of monkeys in they’re science experiments.

4. Atheists Try to Become Gods:

- Satanists listen to heavy metal but they do not build robots and clone sheep.

- Satanists wear black clothing but they do not try to prevent God from giving people Aids.

- Atheists believe in aliens but Satanists know that the only earth contains life.

- Atheists are Feminists but at least Satanists know that women are here to serve Man.

Atheists are more evil then Satanists but
Feminists are more evil then Atheists.

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  • Wouter


    I wonder why it is all atheist that respond to this bile. Why isn’t there any Christian on here to teach the writer of this some Christian manners? He can clearly use some. This nonsense hate speach is not wholesome in the eyes of their god, I hope. Than why not scrutinise these people who tread on it and embarrass them? Where are you, you soft spoken believers? Or could it be that..


  • john hashida


    im atheist, for one the thing I hate most is killing anything period. and if I were told to shoot someone I’d rather shoot myself than kill a person. to me it matters that the other person lives. so that’s a no to everything you said.


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